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Versatile Blogger Award

To start, I would like to thank the beautiful Kammie over at Sensual Appeal for nominating me for the Versatile Blogger Award! I am thrilled and completely honored to be listed amongst many other fabulous blogs. If I could, I would nominate Kammie right back, she has an amazing new blog with tons of gorgeous photos and healthy recipes, go check her out! :)

You may be asking, what is the Versatile Blogger Award? I hadn’t heard of it until yesterday and discovered ”It is a great way to introduce different bloggers to each other and to promote quality blogs that awardees and their readers may not have discovered otherwise.”

Ever since I started Natural Noshing, I’ve come across tons of amazing blogs and the incredible people behind them. The following 15 are ones I follow on a regular basis and can’t wait to see they are about to post next. So here we go, in no particular order the following are blogs that I am nominating are:

  • TexanErin Baking – Erin’s blog is gorgeous, her photos are impeccable and she seems so sweet that I want to giver her a giant hug. Her blog is packed with amazing recipes and while not all are gluten free, they are either whole grain or health-ified in some way.
  • Fork and Beans – I can’t say enough about this spunky and super fun blog and the amazing woman behind the creativity. If you’ve followed me for awhile, it’s no doubt you have seen her name before…Cara’s blog focuses on gluten free and vegan goodies and will make you feel like a kid again while encouraging you to play with your food. Not to mention she is one of the most inspiring, kind and real people I’ve ever met.
  • Food Doodles – first off, I love the name of Heidi’s blog and it completely fits her site and all her creative recipes! Heidi aims at making healthy food for her two kiddos while encouraging her hubby to eat more veggies along the way. While not all recipes are gluten free, most are easily adaptable for my needs and Im constantly drooling over her recipes and photos!
  • The Healthy Foodie – If I could live in one person’s mind for a week (scary thought?), it would be Sonia’s – she is extremely talented with her innovative, healthy recipes and her photos will knock your socks off. Talk about food porn, this blog has that description written all over it and she constantly inspires me in the kitchen.
  • SpaBettie – Kristina is the master of “clean eating and fun movement balanced with the right amount of indulgence” as her blog so perfectly states. She comes up with chef-worthy concoctions that always leave me wanting more, plus most are gluten free and/or vegan. I am not a veggie but she might just convince me that I could give up meat.
  • Cravings Gone Clean – I’m always excited to see what enticing yet clean recipes Lauren will come up with next. Lauren is a personal trainer and studying to be a nutritionist too so she shares healthy AND yummy recipes that won’t make you feel deprived!
  • Chockohlawtay – talk about tempting, healthy desserts, Jessica’s blog will make you want to eat dessert all day long! Fantastic photos accompany healthy and higher protein desserts, and many are gluten free.
  • Healthful Pursuit - Leanne is a rockstar in the kitchen and she’s no stranger to the blogosphere. Her blog includes beautiful photos of all her allergen-free recipes plus she has a ton of knowledge as a holistic nutritionist so she explains her food choices. I’d love to pick her creative brain — I would eat at her house every day if she’d let me.
  • Pinch of Yum – The name says it all. I love the humor in Lindsay’s blog and I can only imagine she is as fun in person as she is through her posts. Another 100% drool-worthy blog that has both indulgent and lighter choices depending on her mood…her photos are flawless. And she loves pugs.
  • Tasty Yummies – Beth’s blog is full of healthy gluten free and vegetarian recipes – all of her stuff looks so good!
  • Vanilla and Spice – I came across Genevieve’s blog a couple months ago and couldn’t stop looking through her vegetarian recipes – innovative, clean and delicious! My eyes glazed over when I saw all her gorgeous recipes, plus one of her favorite ingredients is peanut butter (my food love).
  • Fridge Scrapings - Lou’s blog is full of surprises, wit and creative recipes. She comes up with delicious concoctions in the kitchen while feeding her family on a budget. I bet she is a blast to hang out with too.
  • Colourful Palate – Charissa’s sweet nature shines through on her blog, not to mention she has a passion for fitness, health and delicious recipes.  I love her tagline, ” To me, balanced living is chocolate on whole wheat toast”. Too cute.
  • In Pursuit of More – Shira’s blog looks and sounds like a book of poetry – it’s soothing, lovely and a breath of fresh air. She describes herself as a “I’m just a girl on a journey. A journey to finding more with less.” Simply but beautiful put, just like her recipes and photos.
  • The Vegan Chickpea – I discovered Caitlin’s blog a few months ago and really enjoy it! She is always coming up with amazing vegan and gluten free recipes that make me want to jump in the kitchen.

Now, here are some fun facts about me:

  1. I am adopted and was on a plane when I was only a couple days old.
  2. If I could wear exercise pants/capris for the rest of my life, I totally would.
  3. BBQ chips are my nemesis – I got sick in middle school at a sleepover and to this day I can’t stand the smell, yet I do love BBQ cuisine.
  4. I would love to backpack the whole Appalachian Trail.  I’ve only hiked one 1-week section and it was incredible.
  5. My first car was a yellow Ford Escape. I still miss that car to this day.
  6. I don’t like to shower (don’t worry I do, I just don’t like to)
  7. I consume handfuls AND spoonfuls of nuts and nut butter daily – giant servings still don’t satisfy my cravings

According to VBA, I must repost the “official rules” for those of you I’ve mentioned if you haven’t already been nominated!

  •  Thank the person who gave you this award. 
  •  Include a link to their blog.
  •  Next, select 15 blogs/bloggers that you’ve recently discovered or follow regularly. 
  •  Nominate those 15 bloggers for the Versatile Blogger Award.
  •  Finally, tell the person who nominated you 7 things about yourself. 
There are also a few add-on rules:
  • In the same post, include this set of rules. 
  • Inform each nominated blogger of their nomination by posting a comment on each of their blogs

April 2, 2012 at 5:13 pm 35 comments

The Moose is Loose!

I had to steal that tagline from my dad, he always comes up with funny sayings and I couldn’t help but use it :)

It’s been awhile since I have given you an update our our new frozen yogurt store and I apologize for that –duty calls and I have been a bit pre-occupied! I have to admit, I have seriously missed blogging, creating new recipes and of course, all of you lovely readers but I haven’t exactly had much time to think about much else than our little business :)

The Frozen Moose officially opened on Valentine’s Day. We passed the health inspection the day before and rushed to get the dining area ready, the kitchen stocked and the machines full of yogurt for opening day.

The last two weeks have been a blur to say the least but I do not have one regret. I have never eaten so much frozen yogurt in my life, never worked so hard for anything and never been so proud of how far we have come. Though the first two weeks have been pedal-to-the-metal, fast-paced and very sleep deprived, our business is flourishing, yogurt is being sold and we are receiving positive feedback on our Facebook page! I am more than thrilled with the support from our families, the fabulous community of Helena and my hard-working employees. Without a doubt, Chris and I are convinced that Helena is the perfect place for our store and we know deep down that this is where we are supposed to be. That’s a good feeling :)

Business was slow the first few days but picked up gradually until we hit full speed last weekend! We encountered a few minor hiccups such as running out of change in the register and machines running slow and running extremely low on yogurt but overall the first week went fairly smoothly.

Here are a few more photos of the store….

Customized graphics for the fronts of the machines…we look official, don’t we?
 Soft seating with comfy couches and an electric fireplace that gives off heat! (Notice what show is on…I love Friends…)

 Look at our cute military hats!

Trash cans…I had to insert a little humor :)

Smiling for the camera

February 26, 2012 at 6:06 pm 24 comments

Yogurt Biz Update

I am a busy bee these days!

For those of you who missed my post about our new business venture, my husband Chris and I are getting ready to open up our own frozen yogurt store called The Frozen Moose! It’s a non-franchise locally owned self-serve yogurt shop with 14 flavors offered at one time and 40+ toppings. The opening date is set for Valentine’s Day if all goes as planned and we are excited, anxious, nervous and can’t wait to get this little store up and running :)

That being said, I have pre-scheduled posts up until the first week of March so I don’t leave all of you hanging – that would be way too long for me to stay away from you all! Some may be shorter than others but I will continue to blog and post updates but if I am slow to respond to anyone, I hope you can understand a bit of a lag time on my end :) I still have SO many recipes I would like to post but I simply do not have enough time in the day – I keep telling myself “when things slow down”…and they will! :)

I am ready for my sweets fix! Frozen yogurt here I come!

The flooring is going in this afternoon, we have machine training in the morning and tons and tons of work to do this weekend. Here are a few photos of the cabinetry and decor from last week – we went for a unique and non-traditional yogurt store look and feel that was “more  Montana”. Once I have more complete photos, I will make sure to post them :)

Slate fireplace

Hammered copper on the cabinetry

Granite countertops and homey colors Granite countertops and cool colors

Wish me luck :)

February 9, 2012 at 3:49 pm 20 comments

Holiday Vacation Recap

Chris and I had a great time with his family last week in Seattle and Victoria BC; it was fast-paced and event-filled…just the way we like it! Our family likes to stay on-the-go, and with seven of us there is never a dull moment. I am not much on sitting around, especially with a new city to explore, sites to see and lots of good food to eat (yep, always a priority!).

I will try and keep it short sorta short and sweet :) Due to the rain and weather, I opted for my trusty waterproof point and shoot camera…

Tuesday (this was a laid-back day, waiting for family to arrive and no schedule): flight to Seattle and checked into hotel; planned to go on a city tour but the rain was coming down too hard and shopping for waterproof shoes was top priority. The night ended with dinner at Ivars on the water.

Wednesday Breakfast at Pike Place Market, shopping and found homemade tri-color gluten free pasta, sugar-free beef jerky and a few knick-nacks. Next was a trip up to the Space Needle:

We were cold and stopped for hot chocolate and opted for an indoor activity — the Seattle Aquarium.

Afterward was a light lunch then off to the very entertaining Seattle Underground Tour (I highly recommend this!). We topped off the night with a fancy 3-course meal at Tulio (fabulous and creamy chanterelle mushroom risotto for my first course was my favorite!)

Thursday (Thanksgiving) We caught very early ferry over to Victoria (3 hours) and head over to gluten free high tea at the Empress Hotel

To start were two chocolate dipped strawberries. What followed was this tower of gluten free goodness and my choice of Jasmine Butterfly tea – ALL for me and you better believe it was finished! The gluten free selections varied a bit from the usual menu: variety of finger sandwiches, spreads and pates (bottom tier), a blueberry scone and whipped cream and jam (middle tier) and mini raspberry cheesecake, pot de creme, shortbread, brulee of lemon cream/curd and the classic Battenburg cake (top tier).

Off to the Royal BC Museum and a free tour of the Parliament building, then wrapped up the day at a local bar for dinner and watching the Texas A&M/UT football game (this is a Thanksgiving tradition in our house)

Friday City bus tour of Victoria and lunch at a local deli. A much anticipated Wildlife tour (aka whale watching in off season) – we saw TWO whales, a few groups of seal lions and several bald eagles.

I am sporting the bulky, orange, reflective jumpsuit. Without this suit, I would have froze to death, this piece of “clothing” was much needed.

Next was dinner at the delicious Baan Thai restaurant and finished with dessert at the local “Soda Shoppe”

Saturday (our last day) breakfast, rented a mini van and drove to Sidney, coffee/hot chocolate break, then a scenic trip back with and lovely views and photo opps.

Tour at the Craigdarroch Castle in the middle of Victoria, very neat!

Lunch at the tasty Sauce restaurant (sweet potato fries will rock your socks off), stopped by the Maritime Museum and headed back to the ferry for another 3 hour ride to Seattle. We left Sunday for Denver…

Whew – are you tired after reading this? :) I did mention we keep busy!

After a fun-filled trip, I am back in packing mode getting ready for our big drive on Saturday, with movers coming Friday to load up the moving truck.

Here’s a sneak peak at a few recipes to come:

“Empty the Fridge” Stir-Fry

Blueberry Mila Pudding

Ranch-Flavored Gourd Seeds

Vegan Maple Almond Spice Biscotti

November 29, 2011 at 11:17 am 13 comments

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